The Plus Network

The Plus Network is a collaboration of websites that give you information. . . PLUS many additional features that other websites do not include. For instance, our Gift Ideas Plus ( website provides you with suggestions and gift ideas for almost every holiday, event and special occasion, as well as facts and history about the holiday, links to resources relating to the holiday, gift suggestions from our own gift warehouse, and suggestions from some of our affiliates. The Plus Network will continue to grow to provide you with the best information, resources and products the web has to offer, and we will continue to include additional topics to be added into our information network.


Current Network Members:

***Gift Ideas Plus: Gifts and Gift Ideas for every holiday, special occasion or person (
***Holiday Spot Plus: Information on every holiday (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.) plus gift ideas and helpful links. (
***Special Occasions Plus: Information and facts about almost every special occasion (weddings/marriage, engagement, birthdays, anniversary, birth of baby, etc.) with gifts ideas for each. (
***Gift Warehouse Plus: Our official eStore of products brought to you at huge discounts. (
***Things For Her: A website dedicated to gifts for women to purchase, or as a place for men to find out what women want. (
***Christmas Gifts Plus: Gifts and gift ideas for Christmas (
***Pop Stars Plus: Biography, Information, rated website links, and much more for the top popstars, celebrities and sports stars, plus much more. Stars include: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Emma Watson, Johnny Depp and much more). The site will also include movie reviews as well (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.). (
***Chaotic Game Plus: A site dedicated to the game of Chaotic, its codes and its TV show. (
***Art And sell: A place for artists to learn, sell and vosit (

In Pre-Production for 2007-08:

***Learning Place Plus: A website dedicated to teaching young children for teachers, parents and children (
***Mommy Plus: Information, facts, links, resources and products for mommy or the soon to be mom. (
***Maternity To Motherhood: Subsite of (
***Maternity2Motherhood: Another subsite of (
***Mother's Day Plus: Gifts and gift ideas for mom on Mother's Day (
***Negro Leagues Online: Information about the Negro Leagues, its history and its players, plus added features. (

If you would like to be a member of The Plus Network, please send an email to